Screenshot from Wild and Horned Hermit

mirror:world 「鏡:世界」

My obsession with Touhou Project
Izuru Yakumo

Lately, I've been reading print works of Touhou Project, one after another, as well as listening to the soundtracks (though to be honest, I mostly kept listening to Bad Apple!! and many of its remixes around).

Turns out MangaDex has most of them for free which prompted me to set up a Tachidesk instance on, and began to add them all to my library.

As an aside, I even went to the point of renaming almost every code repository after certain characters from the franchise, with proper references of course.

Despite all of that, I still have never played any of the official games, because of platform restrictions mostly (PC-98 and Windows), though I played some fan games like Touhou Puppet Play and Taisei Project. Since I repaired a desktop computer recently on the house I serve as gatekeeper, I could play all of the ones up to the Windows 7 kind, as later games require Windows 8 and up.



* Touhou Ibarakasen -- Wild and Horned Hermit * Touhou Bougetsushou -- Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth * Touhou Bougetsushow -- Silent Sinner in Blue * Touhou Bunkachou -- Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red * Touhou Bunka Shinpou -- Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia * Touhou Gumonshiki -- Perfect Memento in Strict Sense * Touhou Suzunaan -- Forbidden Scrollery * Touhou Shichouka -- Lotus Eaters * Touhou Chireikiden -- Cheating Detective Satori * The Grimoire of Marisa * The Grimoire of Usami - Hifuu Kurabu Ikai Satsuei Kiroku * Touhou Kourindou -- Curiosities of Lotus Asia