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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 12
Izuru Yakumo

The rain has subsided after a long flight, I chose to land near the Garden of the Sun, where Yuuka Kazami lives, because I was curious about her since last time, as we didn't talk much.

> Yuuka: Don't you dare.... oh, it's you from last time, may I > know your name? > Me: My name is Izuru, my master gave me this name after my decision to > become a shikigami, quite a while ago by now > Yuuka: I see, do you want to have a drink? I'm heading to the mansion > right now > Me: Okay

That was quite surprising for someone like her, but also, I wasn't in the mood to start a fight, nor I would be able to stand such a powerful youkai's attacks, spell card rules or otherwise.

I finally arrived to the mansion, Yuuka was minding her own business, until she noticed my presence.

> Yuuka: Come on, I don't have all day

I helped myself with a cup of tea, even though I already had one earlier, but I took it because why not. Then, we began a conversation that lasted for over an hour, to my own amusement.

After a while more, I bid Yuuka farewell, and went to do more sightseeing around, she waved in response until I disappeared in the horizon.

To be continued.

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