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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 18
Izuru Yakumo

I sat down under the Torii gate of the shrine, deep in thoughts, about my past and what I am now

> Me: I wonder why, but I find Lady Yukari to be quite the motherly > figure I once lost in my entire lifetime, it makes me happy and sad at > the same time, ever since I became a shikigami...

> Me: I won't deny that shikigami are, in short, entities summoned and > controlled by their master to do any sort of things. But I was an > exceptional case, as I have been told by her.

> Me: Is she... really worried about me? I wouldn't believe that, for > such a youkai like her.

> Me: Maybe she is, maybe she's not, and that's something I will never > know

> Me: In a way, I am in love with my master, I just wish I was able to > give her a hug that day, because like it or not, she had a vital role > on my well-being.

> Me: Every time I say that I'm grateful, I'm always meaning it, > sometimes even full of tears because of the sheer emotion that > entails.

> Me: As for my promise, I still keep it to this day, it's as if my > existence depends upon it, but only Lady Yukari knows, no-one else, > not even myself.

> Me: Once I return home, I'll give her a hug, and whisper a 'Thank > you'...

I bid farewell to Marisa and Reimu, and returned home. The watch says it's nearly eight thirty, so I was pretty much on time, if not a bit early.

> Me: I'm.... back home

> Ran: Oh hi, Izuru. Are you looking for Lady Yukari?

> Me: Yes, I am...

Suddenly as I said that, she appeared, and just like that, I did exactly what I wanted to do this whole time.

> Lady Yukari: Why, I didn't expect this from you

> Me: Thank you... I wish I was able to do this on that fateful day, > but now, I... I.. don't regret it

I ended up bursting in tears as I stood in that position. I don't expect to be loved back, but it will be appreciated if otherwise.

> Me: I only want to be loved, it's my only desire, no matter what. I > may be too emotional about it, but it is like it is.

> Lady Yukari: Izuru...... you left me at a loss for words, you... > really are exceptional, and I love that quality of yours. I love you > almost as much as Ran

> Me: That's... more than enough for me, master...

After such a moment, Ran made dinner and we helped ourselves to it, then we went to sleep in our rooms, and that's pretty much about it.

To be continued.

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