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mirror:world 「鏡:世界」

Drinking a glass of pure disappointment
Izuru Yakumo

Apparently, due to IRCNow's owner having rather severe issues on real life, he can't afford paying for the training hypervisors anymore, and KyokoNet is hosted in one of those, most of which will expire around Jan 1st, 2023. I've already made backups using the dump(8) utility, and I might be shutting it down before that date, as it might not see the light ever again. Which means, I'm back to square one, like what I planned two years ago, except that only worse than back then. I doubt there's actually anything I can do now, my dream of digital independence is now gone. It's unbearably costly to get back up again.

"Here lies KyokoNet, it ran for six months, and died in oblivion" June 2022 - Dec 2022