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Raspberry Pi ideas
Izuru Yakumo

I'm planning to disassemble my Pi-Top 3 once I get the screwdrivers for it, because the screws are small but not so difficult to remove from what I've just seen. These are my two ideas I have for it.

Netbook case

I have a spare dead netbook which has screen and everything, except that it's non-functioning as of now and I have disarmed it to rip its CMOS battery off to use it somewhere else.

The hub and the board can be placed side-by-side inside of the netbook case and the keyboard (plus touchpad?) can be placed above them. The problem lies with the battery and the screen, because the former goes through USB and the latter through HDMI, and I have no way to make adapters for both (if so)

Portable DVD player case

More on this later