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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 17
Izuru Yakumo

Lady Yukari's ominous voice was heard within the space-time void where I was located and said...

> Lady Yukari: You have arrived to the shrine, remember what I said, > Izuru, you know what to do.

> Me: I got that, my lady. See you later

> Lady Yukari: See you...

As soon as we exchanged words, the gap has been opened and I stepped out to the Hakurei shrine, it turns out, Marisa was also there, and thus was the first to notice my presence as I walked forward.

> Marisa: Yo, Izuru! Reimu, look who just arrived!

> Reimu: Hi, Izuru! How are you doing?

> Me: Greetings, you two. I'm doing okay, and you?

> Marisa: I'm good! Rockin' a new uniform eh?

> Reimu: I'm doing fine, thanks. You do indeed look different, was that > Yukari's idea?

> Me: I made this one, Ran taught me how to do it the other time, and > no, even my master was surprised about this.

> Marisa: News to me, Reimu probably thinks the same, no?

> Reimu: Hey! Speak for yourself! It's still good anyway

> Reimu: So, what did you come here for anyway? Nothing to do over > there?

> Me: More or less, I did all the chores after breakfast, and then this > happened. I will stay around here until eight thirty, if I return any > late I will get scolded

> Me: Though as long as I'm with you, I thought of going to pester > Rinnosuke like you do, heh

> Marisa: Kourin's still there? He never changes

> Reimu: Izuru do you think that's a good idea? What if Yukari finds > out?

> Me: Alright you killed me right there, anyway, are there going to be > any more visitors today?

> Reimu: There always are, you just aren't here pretty much

> Marisa: Can't blame him, he looks like quite the workaholic, like that > one certain judge in Higan

The whole banter lasted quite long, when I looked at my watch I didn't even notice it was already this late!

Only one hour left...


It's night already, and it's raining again, I guess I won't bother trying to understand the weather now, too much thinking.

Turns out there was quite not a lot do here, as I initially thought.

To be continued.

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