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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 11
Izuru Yakumo

It's raining today, there isn't a lot to do right now, and everyone is still asleep, as for me, I'm still in my room, with the lights turned off...

> Me: (yawn) I'm tired and sleepy, what should I do?

A gap materialized inside the room, I heard a faint voice coming from it, Lady Yukari has woken up it seems

> Lady Yukari: Good morning Izuru > Lady Yukari: Go make breakfast for us

A violet aura began to surround me, I got up and replied

> Me: Yes, my lady!

And just like that, I felt like a machine ready to perform the task given. I filled the kettle and put it to heat, then, I looked for the tea leaves, today we are going to have black tea, so I put some of them inside the kettle and I was going to make the meal until Lady Yukari appeared out of nowhere.

> Lady Yukari: Let Ran do that, you take care of the tea > Me: Understood

She disappeared the same way she appeared, and went to look for Ran, who was still asleep. Ran then woke up and proceeded to make the meal, when it comes to cooking, she's undeniably the best.

> Me: Good morning, Ran! > Ran: Good morning, Izuru!

The tea is ready now, I poured the cups with tea, also brought tea spoons and sugar, because why not. I placed all of them in the table, and my part of the job was done.

> Lady Yukari: What do we have today? > Me: It's black tea, Ran made toasts with butter and fried tofu as well > Me: Chen hasn't woke up yet.... > Me: Lady Yukari, can I wake her up? > Lady Yukari: No need, just let her be > Me: Fine

The three of us were having breakfast for at least one more hour until Chen decided to wake up though by the looks of it, she was still half-asleep, and had breakfast as well.

After breakfast, I was eagerly awaiting for new orders (and also partly because I was bored) from Lady Yukari, but I didn't necessarily get what I expected, however she said

> Lady Yukari: If you want, you can go and explore what Gensokyo has to > offer, I will stay here for now, then I might go to the shrine later > today, and you will find me there, is that alright?

I made a hand sign indicating my approval, and went out of the residence. It was still raining but nevertheless I wasn't going to let this chance to waste, so I took flight and went to do sightseeing.

To be continued.

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