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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 10
Izuru Yakumo

Any moment now, I almost expected Reimu to get rid of me, but she didn't do anything, just as I thought. I asked Lady Yukari for permission to wander around and adapt myself, she wasn't too eager to do it, but she conceded.

Now I don't know what to do, so I thought of introducing myself to the other youkai present, one of them was no less than Yuuka Kazami, the very same being that owns the Garden of the Sun.

> Yuuka: So you're Yukari's latest shikigami, I gather? > Me: As strange as it sounds, yes, I am. Nice to meet you Ms. Kazami > Yuuka: Ms. Kazami? Are you really serious? > Me: I wonder when I am not, to be fair. I always refer to anyone > politely. > Yuuka: Fine with me, I suppose. I might see you sometime later > Me: See you

I kept walking around the shrine, greeted Marisa and Reimu from the distance, then I took a huge leap, and got myself into the sky, near the Moon.

> Me: I did it, I finally did it, who knows, I may be keeping my side > job at this shrine, which I really enjoy aside from following my > master's orders. > Me: I'd have to figure out a way to hide my wings though, I don't want > to break anything by accident.

Landed back to the shrine, and went to Lady Yukari, who was still there, heck knows what she was doing...

> Me: I'm done > Lady Yukari: Did you, already? > Me: I think so (yawn) > Me: I'm falling asleep, I guess we can consider this done. > Lady Yukari: (smacks me with her umbrella) Remember that you're the > shikigami here, but yeah, I concede anyway. > Me: Ow! Well okay, but let me carry you, Ran, and Chen please, this > time > Lady Yukari: So impulsive... It's settled then, I'm tired myself > already > Ran: Okay! > Chen: nya? > Me: We're going up!

I took flight, all of them were going in my back, which could have been an issue on the first time, however, I was pretty much fine.

> Me: We're departing now! Goodbye all!

Everyone waved their hands as we went to the Yakumo residence, and disappeared in the horizon.

To be continued.

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