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Aoi's day off
Izuru Yakumo

> TL;DR: Ever since that moment, I haven't been the same again.

My dad, my little sister and I went to Tigre City via public transport, said travel to said place took more or less two hours, and we arrived at the river port. Dad found a nice offer to go on a trip in a collective boat for cheap, and my sister and I got our river baptism!

We have traveled across a couple rivers and two creeks on the way, and have found people living away from the surface-dweller's society, on islands and boats of their own. They've got internet and whatnot there too, except for water that could be used to drink, but they can buy it from supermarket boats that are sailing around the place, and owners can hang up shopping bags on their masts to tell them to arrive to their place. Purchasing a house near the rivers though is not really cheap, as they can cost around from US$100K to US$120K, while the cheapest possible options are around US$40K or something.

While we were back into the 'mainland', we have found American1 tourists, even though I was confused at first, because I thought they were from here, until I noticed I was wrong, and eventually let out a laugh afterward, because I wasn't able to hold myself back.

I got somewhat seasick for a couple hours, but no other side effects beyond that. Not without saying, my sister took photos of our moments on the trip.

That was fucking great.