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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 13
Izuru Yakumo

I kept flying around, now I'm located above the Human Village, I intended to land there but I changed my mind and instead went to Kourindou, for some reason.

Sometime after that, I arrived there and knocked the door, half-expecting somebody was even inside in the first place. I ended up finding its owner, Rinnosuke Morichika, a rather young half-youkai, by Gensokyo's standards, I guess, he's probably over 100 years old.

> Rinnosuke: Hello, I haven't seen you before, what is your name?

> Me: My name is Izuru Yakumo, nice to meet you.

> Rinnosuke: Are you related to Yukari in any way? It's eerily familiar > now that I remember about her...

> Me: Indeed, I am, in fact, I'm her latest shikigami, if you can call > it that. I used to be human at some point when her fox shikigami, Ran, > rescued me. I'm grateful to them ever since

> Rinnosuke: That sounds unsettling, so I'm not going bother you with > any other questions....

> Me: Oh, I don't mind, just go ahead

> Rinnosuke: Where did you come from, originally?

> Me: The outside world, but as far as they're concerned, I'm already > dead to them, so I didn't really risk disappearing from Gensokyo, as > my original body was moved to this realm.

> Me: Mind if I roam around here a little, Mr. Rinnosuke?

> Rinnosuke: Go on, just don't break anything

I have been looking at the merchandise around the store, all of it coming from the outside world, which I already was, in some way, familiar enough, I then settled in a book I found interesting, and thought of purchasing it, so I asked Rinnosuke about it

> Rinnosuke: Do you want it? If so, I'll put it in your tab

> Me: No need, I'm going to pay for it, how much is it?

> Rinnosuke: Oh? That book is two hundred yen

Luckily I had at least a thousand yen, all in 10 bills of 100 each, so I gave two to him, and acquired the book. The owner of the store seemed to be pleased afterwards.

> Me: Goodbye, I have to return now as soon as I can

> Rinnosuke: Goodbye

I stored the book inside one of my uniform's hidden pockets, and took flight, I thought Lady Yukari would already be at the shrine, so I went there.

To be continued.

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