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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 14
Izuru Yakumo

I'm already close to the shrine, somehow managed to see Lady Yukari right there, as expected, and it's also pretty late, too. I then arrived and landed, waving my hand to signal my presence.

> Lady Yukari: Oh, you're back. Hello again, Izuru.

> Me: Hi, Lady Yukari!

Reimu has noticed me somehow, and got there quickly

> Reimu: Greetings, Izuru! It's been a while, how are you doing?

> Me: I've been sightseeing around Gensokyo, aside from that, I'm okay, > and you?

> Reimu: I've had mixed feelings about _that_ moment, but I'm fine, want > to have some tea?

> Me: Sorry, I'll pass, I ought to show Lady Yukari something I got a > while ago

> Lady Yukari: Huh? Now I'm interested, please come here, Izuru

> Me: No problem!

I looked for the item I purchased in Kourindou, which appears to be an astronomy book, a topic that I'm very interested about, and showed it to Lady Yukari

> Lady Yukari: This looks like it is from the outside world, I assume > you bought it on Kourindou?

> Me: You are right, it costed me about two hundred yen, I think it's > really nice

> Lady Yukari: Is that so? I guess I don't mind, either

> Me: I wonder where are the other two right now

> Lady Yukari: Ah, they're still at the residence, Ran in particular has > been... kind of worried you had not yet returned.

I look at the time, the watch, which I also acquired at the store, says it's about eight thirty-something right now, so I stood up and began awaiting for new orders from my master.

> Lady Yukari: I suppose you could help Reimu to make dinner, is that > clear?

I nodded in acknowledgement, so I went with Reimu to the kitchen, who was somewhat reluctant at first, but then decided she didn't care and played along anyway.

> Reimu: We could make sushi, but I don't have any idea about the sauce, > do you have something in mind, Izuru?

> Me: I'm at a loss, do you happen to have soy sauce around though?

> Reimu: Let's see... Yup! I do, this will just do fine, thanks for the > suggestion

With all the ins and outs it's been almost an hour, sure time goes fast, at last, dinner was made, I brought the dishes with the chopsticks, and Reimu brought the sauce. My master was still outside for some reason, though I called her to come inside, and we enjoyed ourselves. I still have a hard time with the chopsticks, but it didn't stop me from eating this meal. Reimu thought of bringing sake, my master and I were eager to drink, so I went for the glasses and placed them on the table, then Reimu came, and we had a good time together.

> Lady Yukari: Oh my, it's quite late, we should return to the residence > Izuru. Are you coming with me or are you going to fly there?

> Me: I don't mind either way, let's go

We bid farewell to Reimu, and I chose to go with my master inside a gap she created, straight to the residence.

To be continued.

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