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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 15
Izuru Yakumo

It's cold in this early morning, I'm not too sure about the weather in Japan, and it's also made even more odd that this residence isn't inside Gensokyo per se, maybe it's far away, maybe it's close, but as it is controlled by Lady Yukari, I guess it should be obvious.

Or maybe it's not? Who knows

I still didn't want to wake up, at least not without dressing properly, my master told me to make tea like the other day, and I played along...

> Me: I wonder what kind of tea we could drink today, I'm quite at a > loss right now

Soon after, Ran woke up

> Ran: Good morning

> Me: Good morning, Ran

I thought of brewing coffee instead, so I did just that, I then decided to ask Ran about the meal, but refrained about doing so, and chose to do it myself this time.

> Me: Breakfast ready! > Me: Today is coffee (with sugar and milk if you choose), and cookies!

> Ran: That's quite something, Izuru > Ran: I don't think Chen can drink coffee though

> Me: Thank goodness I brought the milk

Lady Yukari arrived to the dining room and helped herself, as I would think from my master, all of us had breakfast, and soon after, I did the chores on the house, it also didn't help my room became quite a mess because it seems I became lazy, there wasn't a lot to do anyway, with such a weather.

To be continued.

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