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Nobody dreams of Gensokyo (誰も幻想郷の夢を見ない) - Ep. 19
Izuru Yakumo

Today was quite the uneventful day, just reading the book I bought in Kourindou. I sort of learned how to hide my wings, by no physical means however, instead relying on magic to do so, though at this point I can fly without them now.

I have yet to know what my master is on about, not that I really care though...

I left my room and went to Ran's, as I wanted to have a conversation with her, for no explicable reason.

> *knock knock*

> Ran: Is that you, Izuru? If so, go ahead

> Me: I got that

An awkward silence took place inside the room, as if I were inside a gap, for at least a minute.

> Ran: About yesterday, even I was surprised, I didn't even know what to > feel, if at all

> Ran: Did you actually want to do that, Izuru?

> Me: Yeah, I really did. I guess it's what I get for reminiscing about > the past, even if it happened nearly two months ago.

> Me: I used to be nothing but a mere mortal for as long as I have been > alive, in a world where there are very few people that care for one > another.

> Me: It's almost as if you came straight from the heavens to save this > poor soul, to be honest...

> Ran: I guess this partly explains why you became a youkai, I mean, I > was with Lady Yukari and Chen that night.

> Me: It doesn't end there, it also didn't feel right to me, being an > human being living with people like you, and also because I decided to > reject my humanity.

> Me: I never expected to become a youkai on the first try, really, a > part of me thought that I could have ended up being a ghost instead, > or something of the sort.

> Ran: Against all odds, you were reborn like those Fenix birds, in the > literal sense even.

> Ran: I originally came from Hell back when Lady Yukari turned me into > who I am now, centuries ago.

> Ran: How old are you anyway?

> Me: Counting my life as an human, about 20 or so years old, I don't > quite remember my birthday, either.

> Ran: Just like the Hakurei shrine maiden, though she's older than you. > Or even Marisa, for that matter.

> Me: That sort of thing

Our conversation got abruptly cut off by Lady Yukari, wondering where I was

> Me: It's something the matter, Lady Yukari?

> Lady Yukari: Oh, you're here. It's nothing, for now, I see you were > talking with Ran...

> Lady Yukari: I'm going off now

And she disappeared again, such a mysterious woman, at least I'm already used to this happening after this long

> Me: I bet she heard everything we said

> Ran: She always does, don't underestimate that. It's dinner time now, > do you want to eat some?

> Me: I'm not hungry so I'll have to pass, thank you Ran. I guess I will > go to sleep instead.

> Ran: Good night, Izuru

> Me: Likewise

I went to sleep as usual, and that's about it, I guess?

To be continued.

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